Wednesday, August 24, 2011

outrun , last stage : Amiga , ST (GBA)

Finally got the last few conversions that I'm covering for now up on youtube
Amiga , Meg and as a surprise last entry GBA (via a sega compilation).

The Amiga was a sub par conversion of the ST, but my GOD! the intro is unbelievably bad .Someone doing a bad impression of "80's voiceover guy" , with a crappy "art of noise" sample tune playing over it...terrible!!
the Meg was fantastic, but being a sega 16 bit conversion of a sega arcade game , it looks great and plays very smoothly.Its a pity it doesn't have the extra modes the gamegear had, and a bit easy but well worth getting.
The GBA version is a bit blocky on a big screen , but pound for pound is probably closer to the arcade than the meg! Considering its a more "modern" console , its a cheat , which is why I think the meg is probably the best 16 bit version.(its my favorite handheld version though).

In the background mysteriously kega fusion suddenly started making AVI files that I didnt need to convert! Winuae was a bit fiddly to get going but seemed ok .Visual boy was grand except when I was playing the sound kept going ..but oddly enough the recorded AVI was fine! I also have CCS64 working now ( as getting winvice to record avi is a nightmare) so I'll be putting up a quick review of the c64 emulated , to match the spectrum one.
I reckon I need to slow down the output of videos , and spend a bit more time on them , which should hopefully mean I'm ah..and uming less I guess.
Probably look at one or two standalone reviews next.I'm itching to do a few Atari ones.And then start on GAuntlet...All of em!!

I'm probably going to look at

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