Wednesday, August 10, 2011

128k of Fun

Tonight I play the spectrum version.
Its a big thing for me as I've always had a grudge against the rubber keyed beast,possibly as I didn't know anyone with one, and when I encountered the retro gaming scene in the UK , to a lot of of people it was the be all and end all of gaming.
How??? with its color clash , monochrome graphics , lack of a good sound chip , and odd controls it was clearly inferior to the c64.Crazy Jet set Willy lovin' loonies , what do they know!
The two spectrum's I had as part of my collection went pretty much unused.
Reviewing the Spectrum version left me pleasantly surprised.
it was slow , but otherwise enjoyable , graphically (once you get used to the monochrome graphics)its excellent , quite detailed and full of cars and scenery.
The branching system works pretty well (if you dont mind messing with tapes)
So bit of a cop out but I'd rate it the same as the c64 , for slightly different reasons!
Video review here.

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