Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Load "intro",8,1

What this blog is about is games.
Mainly old games to be precise.
Ideally REALLY old games

Right , at this point most people have backspaced off the page and are off looking for details on "dead island" , for the few of you that are left you've obviously got taste!

What I'm going to try and do over the next while is go through my games collection and review some of the good ones .better still I'm also going to review the really really BAD ones as well.
Hopefully I'm going to use the original computer/console to play them on , and if I can manage it I'll knock up a link to a gameplay vid as well.This is basically to prove that while I may know a bit about games , I am , 30 odd years after I started playing them , still rubbish!
First up I'm going to be looking at Outrun , both on the c64 and spectrum.

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