Monday, September 5, 2011


Picked up a lovely A600 , monitor!! and a non working a500+ via a nice chap(cheers aidan)
so going to film me fitting a hard disk ,(hopefully) in the next day or two

Muchas update!

hello, bit of an absence in posting.I' ve been a busy bee .
I've switched to doing a few single game reviews/play's
first up I 'd a look at Xybots on the Lynx

partly as I'd wanted to have a look at it , and partly as I picked up a sealed copy in the post that day!!Very nice it was too , I included a quick look at the arcade version (I've a copy of it in the ps2 via Midway Arcade hits 2)
I dug up a copy of Starace (via a ZZapp64 cover tape)next

It was not much cop (although the Music was good)even sped up!

After that , because I wanted to try a good game I looked at an old (obscure ish) favourite

I managed to mess up a bit and used an odd copy of the Atari version , which was missing backgrounds (which is what happens when you start using dodgy disk images.)
messed up a bit with the volume levels (I'm still using Windows Movie maker, and forgot to change the sound levels when kicking off the narration!).
I rerecorded a copy of the atari port running from tape which had all the missing bits

I 've a video capture card ordered so hopefully I get it in the next month.Once I do I can use "live" games consoles , andit'll mean ps2/n64 etc reviews (As I dont really like emulating these)
Going to be posting some content for a good website , so hopefully will have more details on that when its done!