Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amstrad and Atari

So , the Amstrad version?
Not good , no music , terrible sound, no car animation on crashes , and so blocky it looks like its running on an Atari VCS.Just ....horrible.
I preferred the Atari 8 bit version to it , and that's an unplayable , unfinished demo!

So to get the taste out of my mouth I've reviewed the Atari ST version , as I speak I'm compiling the video so I'll upload it to youtube in the next day or so .It's an improvement on the Amstrad one , but not as good as I would have thought , or liked.
I'm probably going to take a break of a few days on Outrun , I'm reviewing these in the evening , and between , filming , capturing , editing and uploading to YT , I'm getting to bed at around fun.
Plus I'm starting to get a bit burnt out on Outrun , I like the game , even if I'm a bit rubbish at it , but theres a lot more games out there I like to play, I'm not THAT obsessed with it.
I'm going to try and look at some obscure atari 8 bit games possibly over the next few days.
I have found though that a mix of "live" and captured emulation works pretty well for these though , and also that my "" count is going down , slightly as I progress , so hopefully these videos are actually getting a bit more entertaining to watch as they start to add up.

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