Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why do you fight me computer..why?!?

Master system and its cousin , the game gear reviews done and put to bed, link to follow as soon as I upload it to the youtubes.

Nightmare though , as the emulated outputted video files didn't want to work at all with my pc
much coercing , fiddling and towards the end swearing and praying finally got them working.
Then my Pc ate the commentray I'd recorded.Twice.So the third time I recorded it I was knackered , and my "er" "ah" and "um" quota was quite high!
Both versions are excellent by the way , I'd give em a 85% (sms ) and a slightly higher 86% (GG).
I'll be looking at the Amiga and Megadrive versions next before taking a break for a bit on the conversions and trying maybe a few Atari 8 bit games.

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