Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Found "Route b"

So... OutRun
I was a big fan of this in the arcades , dont get me wrong , I was terrible at it , I didnt even know about the branching paths until years later when I actually managed to work out how to use the gears correctly and actually started making it to the further stages.\
I've managed to pick up a few different versions of it over the years , so I figured that that review wise it'd be a good place to start.
The Commodore 64 version while being a bit blocky runs nice and fast , other than the 'tch tch tch' noise you get while breaking there's not much sound , but the rendition of the arcade games soundtrack makes up for it.Oh and its hard
Really hard.

In the video below it actually took me about 10 attempts and two controllers to get past the first stage!

I've also did a bit of checking up on the atari 8 bit version , sadly it looks like its stalled , but I've included a "shakeycam" footage of it at the end of the video review.
Hopefully I should have the video review uploaded tomorrow at some point.
Oh and video reviews , a lot harder than I thought they'd be to do .Unscripted, I have an awful habit of saying "" a lot while trying to think what to say .And also I've discovered that the last thing people want to see is a quarter of the screen filled with the back of a reviewers head .I wish I'd discovered this before I filmed 15 minutes of it though.So I had to reload the game , retape it and pretend that it was the first time! Hopefully you wont notice the join.(and hopefully you dont notice where I get the loading screen twice !)

Ok all reviews need a score , I'd say ...oooh how about 80 ..its a good attempt at recreating the arcade , and its playable which is the main thing 80 it is then.

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