Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a bit more about outrun

Couple of things
Firstly thanks to the outrun FAQ at mikes arcade ,
I know that despite what I'd been told the Disk version of Outrun on the c64 DOES'NT have branching paths either, just a menu to load which route to take.

So I got that one wrong

On a slightly happier note it explains exactly how loading works on the Spectrum version, confirming why messing around with tape images on an emulator would load it , but on my real spectrum I got stuck on a loading screen.
So hopefully that'll help when I review the Spectrum version.
This blog's not just about Outrun by the way , I hopefully will be reviewing a few plat formers as well , but I do like comparing conversions.
Back when these games were being sold , very few people had more than one system ,and you basically played with what you were dealt (to mix a metaphor) so having lots of different versions to try is a lot of fun for me.
Oh by the way since I didnt mention it , the Blog name is taken from a Grant Lee Buffalo song called 'It's the life':

" If the life you have created
Has buried you with luxuries out-dated"

I'm not exactly buried , and unlike the protagonist of the song I've a load of life left in me , but I always liked the song , and its a poetic description of the stuff I collect , so it seemed appropriate.

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