Friday, June 15, 2012

Man! It's been a while since I updated!
To be honest I've been concentrating on actually getting content up on the YouTube channel
Also I've had some health problems over the last few months , had a family member very seriously ill in hospital (they're out and better) , dabbled in playing World of Warcraft again and lastly my son was born!
So I've a valid excuse!
I'm currently back in the compare conversions format , looking at as many ports of old arcade games as I can .Stuff like Pac-land and Up N down weren't too strenuous , but I'm currently on Bubble bobble , which is at this stage sapping my will to live!
My collectting has kind of stalled a bit
I've gotten a lot of the software I wanted , and hardware wise I think I've hit a wall in that the stuff I dont have yet (MegaCD,32x,PC engine, CD32 etc) tends to go for horrible prices on ebay (and when it doesnt the f@#kers wont ship to Ireland..doh!).On the other hand I picked up an Amstrad CPC , and successfully modded it to accept input directly from MP3 player , without breaking it or drilling off a any parts of me..result!

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