Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New stuff on the Youtube channel

Keep meaning to update this blog a bit more, been absolutely flying the last few weeks ,and thrown a few new videos up
This month I has been mostly playing

Rally Speedway

Night Driver and Battlezone

Cosmic Ark and Solar Fox

And lastly Montezuma's Revenge

That last one is in the new format that I'm using
I've a slightly better intro , and I'm using a new video editor to assemble the whole lot.Downside is that the rendering takes longer and the uploads are bigger , which on my rubbish ADSL is bad.Generally vids take 2 evenings to do .One to play and record and edit , then the other to render and upload.
Also the way the sound was recorded was a bit different.
What I usually do is play the game and either a/ record my audio later (based on notes I took)b/ record a rough version of the audio (using audacity) and rerecord it (with all the ahhs and ums taken out)c/ record it live and redo the bad bits later.(using audacity)
What I did for Montezuma's was take the video input from my capture card , but the audio from mic when recording the gameplay .I was able to keep it together and actually make sense with fairly few mistakes while playing , so hopefully I can do it this way in future.
Have a few more vids planned over christmas , I have a special project which is either going to work well or die horribly , I want to look at some older PC games , and in the new year theres some Amiga stuff I want to try.

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